Feedhive Content Management

At Creative Warrior we have implemented a new innovative content management system for our social media clients.  You will receive an email inviting you to collaborate on your workspace on Feedhive so that we can manage your social media content efficiently while providing seamless collaboration and content approval workflows.  Please accept the invitation and [...]

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Why is Social Media and Digital Marketing Important?

Approximately three-quarters of customers today will research a company online before making a purchase.  More and more consumers are abandoning the traditional phone book because it doesn’t tell them anything about the company.  With this in mind, a great online reputation is where many companies have the most impact with customers.  Level of social media engagement, customer reviews [...]

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A Comprehensive Guideline to the Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

In this day and age it has become quite clear that social media is here to stay and has a big impact on communications.  So how does this affect the business arena and what guidelines should you follow when making your business a social entity? What are the advantages and disadvantages to implementing digital marketing for [...]

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