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Did you know yesterday was National Chocolate Day??? No? OMG you could have posted something awesome on your social media if you’d known and taken advantage of some super cool hashtags!! If you feel like you are always missing out on cool or weird days of the year that will help you with some original promotions then you might be keen on my Social Media Content Calendar… It’s more than a calendar tho… it is a living breathing calendar… Not a downloadable PDF that you forget about. This is a custom made Google shared calendar that you can integrate onto your phone or outlook so it’s right there in front of you… prompting you to write original content everyday… not buried in an email or folder somewhere. It’s great for content ideas in the quieter months or as a boost to your profile during holiday periods. Read more below on exactly what you get in our package which includes a full list of the ebooks and strategy guides!

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Here is a full breakdown of how it can help you with your Instagram or Facebook:
·         Tie in your business promotions with interesting or wacky festive events… and don’t forget the important ones like Valentine’s Day and public holidays. Every public holiday you could think of that will help you plan your social content with ease without forgetting about those must-know dates
·         Ideal as a content prompt to help you post more, press through writer’s block and connect better with your audience
·         Continually updated as it’s a shared online calendar, not a static PDF
·         A calendar which you can import into your phone or calendar software so it’s always on hand for when you’re writing content on the train or in the bathroom hiding from the kids!
·         ALSO INCLUDES our Instagram Ebooks with tips and tricks on how to work with hashtags and the dreaded Instagram Algorithm in our hashtag strategy guide.
·         A giant list of Call to Action taglines that you can use to generate responses on your posts.
·         A checklist to make sure you are using all the features available on your Instagram account.
·         A PDF of over 60 content topics to help with writer’s block!

It is essentially everything you need to easily and flawlessly plan your social media content so that you can create more impact, reach and engagement.  This is a brand new product in my arsenal of social media tools and invaluable to anyone who promotes via social media!! 

How it works:

  1. When you purchase you will receive a digital file which contains all the ebooks and strategy resources.
  2. Once we receive confirmation of your order we will add the email address you used to purchase into the user list of the Google calendar within 24 hours.
  3. If you do not currently have a Google account you will receive an email with a recommendation to use Google calendar. It will contain a link to accept the invitation to the Social Media Calendar and register for an account. You can register with your existing non-google email address or sign up with your Gmail address… both options work fine. After that, you will have access to view the calendar on all of your devices. It can be viewed in a web browser or the Google calendar app and various other calendar apps on your phone or computer.
  4. You will also receive an address URL in iCal format. You can use this address to access the calendar from various other applications such as outlook or apple calendar.
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