I’ve been involved in photography for over 20 years now, beginning with a supporting major in Photo Media at ECU Mt Lawley, WA. In this time I have covered a wide variety of topics including sports, landscapes, still life, macro, portraits, weddings, and even nudity. I’ve also studied photography in all its forms from manual camera’s, traditional black & white, darkroom processing & developing, and the latest in digital technologies. I currently use a Panasonic Lumix, DJI Mavic Pro drone, as well as shooting on iPhone at any opportunity. Photoshop is the ultimate accessory to my camera and the only software I trust for digital processing & enhancement. I am available for work anywhere in the state of Western Australia.

My latest project is an Instagram blog focusing on nature and travel www.instagram.com/explore.nature.travel.  All imagery is purely mine and features images from overseas and Australia.  Below is a selection of this photography and you can also click here to view the full Instagram feed.

Previously I was involved in a partnership with poisonswamp.com, completing a long-term project including website design. But largely focusing on digitally reproducing and enhancing the photos of Bob Cunningham’s wood carving career. This has involved scanning over 100 images, repairing and correcting faults in colour, dust & scratches etc. At the same time I am photographing a lot of the beautiful flora, fauna, scenery and memorabilia on the Poison Swamp Farm and montaging this real life landscape into the photography of his wood carvings, incorporating digital elements and themes into imagery for poster reproduction. We also plan to design calendars, magnets and other items for sale based on the carvings and photography to help promote the exclusive and private accommodation available at Poison Swamp.

The joy of this project is that most of Bob’s carvings have been sold over the many years of his career and all that remains are these images – its with great pleasure that I sort and catalogue his work and find new ways for him to share the joy of his creations. Unique wood carvings converging with digital photography and Photoshop manipulation – a perfect fusion of art and design. Click here to view the Bob Cunningham Collection, our own special fusion of art is still in early design phase but you can sample the Poison Swamp Photography by going to the gallery at poisonswamp.com. Be sure to check out the Facebook page also for the latest updates.

You can also view some of my photographic and Photoshop work in my deviant art gallery.

If you need any type of photographic work done, image enhancement, modification, retouching – anything at all – just contact me and I’d love to help you out. Anyone who would like to link to my website, or client sites, your more than welcome. Please send an email so that I can link to you as well.