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This package includes a set of hashtags across all 3 categories of engagement – Low, Medium, and High Competition that are personally sourced and researched to be specific to your business or niche.

INCLUDES BONUS CONTENT:  Our Instagram Ebooks with tips and tricks on how to work with hashtags and the dreaded Instagram Algorithm in our hashtag strategy guide.
·         A giant list of Call to Action taglines that you can use to generate responses on your posts.
·         A checklist to make sure you are using all the features available on your Instagram account.
·         A PDF of over 60 content topics to help with writer’s block!

Read the detailed description below to learn how to use your hashtag sets.  Upon purchase, we will email you personally for your Instagram account name to start researching your new hashtags and email you the bonus content.  

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Hashtag Ranking Strategy

To start ranking you’ll need to make sure your chosen hashtags have similar stats to your current content and engagement.  What do we mean by this? If you tend to get a certain amount of likes or engagement when you post content on Instagram, the hashtags you use should match up with your typical performance. For example, if you get around 200 likes per post, it’s unlikely you will perform as well on a hashtag where users are getting 10k likes per post

You can rank on hashtags that are higher-performing or competitive for your account, however, the best way to do this, is by ranking on smaller, comparative hashtags first, which help propel your content to wider audiences.

There is a trade-off to consider when choosing your hashtags. Using higher competitive hashtags (for your account size) will likely reach a bigger audience than less competitive hashtags, but the chances of ranking reduce. It’s important to use a balance within your posts. To maximise your chances of a successful post, create a list of hashtags of varied competitiveness.

• Use 10 hashtags that are 30% below your Average Likes (Set 1)

• Use 10 hashtags that are similar to your Average Likes (Set 2)

• Use 10 hashtags that are 30% and above your Average Likes (Set 3)

Work out your Average Likes by adding up all the likes over your last 12 posts, then divide that by 12.

Average Likes = 600

30% of 600 = 180 (600*0.3)

30% below Average Likes = 420  (600-180)

30% above Average Likes = 780 (600+180)

This is called the ‘staircase’ method – You simply use clusters of hashtags as a step to boost yourself onto the next cluster of hashtags. This Instagram hashtag strategy is effective because it increases your chances of “climbing the stairs”. This means that if you rank highly on the first 10 hashtags (below your Average Likes) then you have a better chance of ranking on the next 10 and so on.

There are also a number of ways you can use the staircase strategy, depending on what works for you. For example, instead of creating sets based on Average Likes, you could create them based on the size of the hashtag or the Daily Average Post Count.  

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