Understanding SEO Transactional Types and Key Metrics

In the world of SEO, understanding user intent is crucial for crafting effective strategies. Users come to search engines with different intentions, ranging from seeking specific information to making a purchase. By categorizing these intentions into transactional types, we can better optimize our websites and content to meet users' needs. In this blog, we'll [...]


SEO best practice for 2023 from Australia’s most-awarded SEO expert Harry Sanders

I recently found this great podcast on Spotify so if you are interested in doing your own research around SEO and especially Organic SEO and keyword marketing then I highly recommend the track below.  In fact, his whole playlist has some amazing content on it. It's called "SEO best practice for 2023 from Australia’s [...]


SEO Blogs: The key to better Google Rankings

In today’s world, web presence and page rankings are essential in order for your business to survive. With the power of search pages, anyone can look for their specific needs in just a few clicks. Putting up blogs on your website is an effective way to get you a higher ranking on Google search pages. [...]



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