The 5 Best AI Tools for Cold Outreach

By Published On: August 14th, 2023Categories: Marketing

The 5 Best AI Tools for Cold Outreach

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, cold outreach becomes more efficient, personalized, and effective. From automating repetitive tasks to crafting compelling messages, these AI tools offer a wide range of features to supercharge your outreach efforts.

Join us as we explore the top AI tools that can revolutionize the way you connect with your audience and achieve remarkable results in your outreach campaigns. Let’s dive in and discover the future of cold outreach powered by AI!

The 5 Best AI Tools:

  1. Post Pitch
  2. HyperWrite AI
  3. Hunter IO
  4. Jasper
  5. Grammarly

AI Cold Outreach Tool #1 Post Pitch

Post Pitch is a very simple AI guest post outreach tool that aims to give bloggers passive backlinks. The software works by the user inputting a select number of websites (say 100).

Then the AI will take those 100 website URLs and find the correct email address to contact, craft a personalized message summarizing the writer’s recent article, and send the email out for you.

Simply said, Post Pitch will send emails at the same exact quality as a human would instantly and at 100x more volume. Here is an example of an AI-written email:

Key features:

Personalized Article Summary. Post Pitch will go to the website’s most recent blog post and use it to write a personalized snippet at the beginning of the outreach email. This is what it looks like:

Hey (Author’s Name), I loved your recent article about (their recent article). Very interesting how (insert a couple of interesting facts about their recent post).

Email Finder. Post Pitch automatically finds the email of the person you are trying to contact. The algorithm will first try to find the email of the author of most recent article. Then if this fails, Post Pitch finds the website’s company email address.

Outreach Email Coaching. Post Pitch has a great onboarding process where they will walk you through crafting your outreach email. They have been A/B testing outreach templates for years and have a perfected model.

Email Scheduling With Post Pitch. You can automatically schedule when your emails go out. Let’s say you wanted to send 20 emails a day. You can set that on Post Pitch, and then every day, Post Pitch sends 20 outreach emails a day for you.

Prospect Finder. Post Pitch will analyze your domain and then build you a massive list of prospects to contact. This is very helpful because you can build the list once and outreach that same list for months.


  • Amazing AI personalization. Post Pitch AI goes into the blog’s most recent article and writes a couple of sentences about interesting facts from that article
  • Completely Automates the Entire Process and Does it all for you. You don’t have to do anything. It works entirely in the shadows
  • Free one on one Coaching with Anything You Need to get better at link building


  • Expensive
  • Some features are still in development
  • Analytics aren’t great

Final Thoughts:

Post Pitch is a fantastic software for bloggers looking to save time. Most bloggers are already very busy. They have to write content, sometimes work a job, and do many other tedious blogging tasks.

Link-building outreach can be very dull, so Post Pitch does a great job of completely taking that work off your plate. They also provide great customer support, so I recommend 10/10. You can start your 14 free trial here and you don’t even have to put your credit card in.

Try Post Pitch Here

AI Cold Outreach Tool #2 HyperWrite AI

HyperWrite AI is a powerful AI writing tool that promises to be my personal AI writing assistant, making content creation faster and easier through the power of AI.

Initially launched as an email writer in 2020, it has evolved to handle various writing tasks, offering unique features not found in other AI writing tools.

Key Features:

  • Long-Form Editor: The long-form editor in HyperWrite allows users to generate text in three ways: using custom commands and tools or chatting with the AI bot called HyperChat: The TypeAhead feature is a standout, suggesting the following few words as I type, saving time and improving efficiency during the writing process.
  • Specific Tools: HyperWrite offers tools for creating blog post titles, LinkedIn posts, blog outlines, and even landing page content generation. The blog post titles and LinkedIn post tools provided useful and convincing content. However, the landing page generator seemed less effective than other features.
  • Community Templates: While the built-in template library is somewhat limited, HyperWrite compensates with community-built templates I can access or even create. This feature adds versatility and extends the tool’s capabilities.
  • HyperWrite AI Chrome Extension: The Chrome extension enhances the user experience by allowing the AI to learn from my writing style, providing AI-generated responses for Gmail emails, and offering TypeAhead functionality across various online writing platforms.


  • HyperWrite is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface similar to Jasper AI, making it suitable for most users.
  • The community-powered tool library allows access to various tools, extending the application’s functionality.
  • The unique TypeAhead feature auto-suggests the next sentence and improves my writing speed and convenience.
  • The HyperChat function provides a ChatGPT-like interface for generating content or information.


  • The TypeAhead feature can be helpful and annoying, but I can turn it off if it’s not desired.
  • The interface can be buggy and not as smooth as other AI writing apps.
  • HyperWrite’s design and functionality closely resemble Jasper AI, making it seem like an imitation rather than a unique application.
  • The tool lacks many built-in templates, particularly for sales copy.

Final Thoughts:

In my opinion, HyperWrite AI presents some innovative features, but it needs to catch up to industry standards like Jasper AI or Copy AI regarding output quality.

However, for users seeking an affordable AI writing assistant with access to community-built templates and a similar feel to Jasper, HyperWrite is worth considering. I particularly appreciate the TypeAhead feature, which streamlines my writing process and enhances my overall experience.

Try Hyperwrite Here

AI Cold Outreach Tool #3 Hunter IO

Description and Cold Outreach Features: I came across, and it’s a fantastic choice for crawling contact information, email verification, and lead generation.

This tool has transformed my outreach process and added immense value to my business’s cold outreach strategy. By using its Chrome extension and taking advantage of bulk domain research, has become an indispensable tool for reaching out to potential leads.

Key Features:

  • Domain Search: With, I can easily search for email addresses associated with specific organizations or websites. This feature is handy when I want to connect with contacts from more prominent websites. It provides me with a list of people working for the target website and their positions and email address patterns.
  • Email Finder: While I use it less frequently, the email finder feature helps me find specific email addresses based on someone’s full name and company website. It’s handy for follow-ups after networking events or to sort through email addresses acquired through the domain search.
  • Email Verifier: The tool allows me to validate email addresses and check if they receive emails. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t verify webmail addresses like Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Bulk Tasks: The bulk tasks feature streamlines my outreach efforts by allowing me to manage many email addresses efficiently. It helps me browse various domains and find people based on specific criteria.
  • Leads and Campaigns:’s straightforward CRM dashboard for leads enables me to segment and filter contacts based on company, position, or industry. The campaign management tool with basic cold email templates makes it simple to initiate outreach campaigns.


  • io offers an easy-to-use interface with self-explanatory options, making it simple for me to navigate and operate the tool effectively.
  • The domain search feature provides verified email addresses with sources, ensuring data accuracy.
  • The tool’s integrations with Google Sheets and Chrome have made my outreach efforts more convenient and efficient.
  • Their customer support is readily available through direct chat, and provides a knowledge base with helpful tutorials and resources.


  • The pricing is a bit steep, especially for the more advanced plans. A more affordable option with a limited number of searches would be beneficial for smaller businesses with little outreach needs.
  • The email verifier tool doesn’t support verification for webmail addresses, which may limit its usefulness for verifying an entire database.

Final Thoughts: has been an excellent tool that has significantly improved my outreach efforts. Its domain search, email verifier, and email finder tools have been invaluable in my link-building and cold emailing endeavors.

I recommend giving a try, especially since it offers a free trial option for up to 50 email searches after a simple sign-up. Despite the pricing, the quality service and support make it worth considering for optimizing your business’s outreach strategy.

Try here

AI Cold Outreach Tool #4 Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing tool designed to streamline content creation and optimize outreach efforts.

With its cold outreach features, Jasper AI assists users in crafting compelling and personalized messages to engage with potential leads effectively.

Key Features:

  • SEO Features: Jasper AI offers a range of SEO tools, including generating SEO titles, meta descriptions, and blog post topic ideas, enhancing content visibility on search engines.
  • Templates and Use Cases: The tool provides over 50 pre-written templates for various purposes, aiding users in overcoming writer’s block and creating content for blog posts, social media, email campaigns, and more.
  • Commands and Rephraser: Jasper AI’s intuitive commands enable users to communicate with the AI naturally and request specific content improvements. The rephrase tool allows for unique and captivating paragraph generation.
  • Integrations and Browser Extensions: Jasper AI seamlessly integrates with Grammarly and offers a Chrome extension for generating quality content on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and WordPress.
  • Supported Languages: Jasper AI supports 29+ languages, allowing users to create content in their preferred language.


  • Jasper AI provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of SEO features, making it an excellent choice for content optimization and outreach campaigns.
  • The availability of templates and use cases helps users overcome writer’s block and enables quick content generation for different purposes.
  • The tool’s integration with Grammarly and Surfer SEO adds value, ensuring grammatically correct and SEO-optimized content.


  • Some users may find the pricing a bit steep, especially for more advanced plans, which might be a drawback for smaller businesses with limited outreach needs.
  • The plagiarism checker is available as an add-on for an additional fee, which may impact users who require frequent content verification.

Final Thoughts

I think Jasper AI is a perfect fit if you’re a content creator or marketer looking for an AI writing tool with powerful SEO features and a wide range of templates.

It has significantly improved my content creation process and outreach strategy. Integrating with Grammarly and Surfer SEO ensures that my content is well-optimized and grammatically correct.

However, the pricing can be a bit on the higher side, especially for the more advanced plans. There might be more budget-friendly options for smaller businesses with limited outreach needs.

Overall, I find Jasper AI a valuable tool for my content creation efforts. If you want to experience its capabilities, you can take advantage of their free trial by clicking here. It’s a great way to explore firsthand the benefits of AI-driven content creation with Jasper AI.

Try Jasper Here

AI Cold Outreach Tool #5 Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular writing tool that has evolved from a basic grammar checker into a powerful AI-driven writing assistant.

As a former sub-editor, I understand the importance of finding and fixing grammar errors before publishing, and Grammarly has become my go-to tool for this purpose. In this Grammarly review, I will explain why I find Grammarly Premium a valuable asset in my writing and editing process.

Key Features:

  • Grammar Checker: Grammarly’s core feature is its advanced grammar checker, which identifies and suggests fixes for grammar and punctuation errors in real time. The Premium version provides detailed explanations and additional examples to improve writing skills.
  • Readability Reports: Grammarly scans sentences and paragraphs, suggesting more concise and clearer rewrites to enhance readability. It also provides word count, character count, reading time, and speaking time metrics.
  • Wriitng Style Improvements: The writing assistant offers word choice suggestions and rewrites based on the intended audience and writing style, making it helpful in crafting compelling cold emails and business communications.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Available only in the Premium version, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker compares written content to billions of web pages, helping to ensure originality and proper citations.
  • Citation Manager: A recent addition to Grammarly, the citation manager automatically generates citations for APA, Chicago Manual of Style, and MLA formats, assisting in academic writing and research.
  • GrammarlyGo: A writing assistant chatbot that provides rewrites, editing suggestions, and additional information, making it an invaluable tool for writers and editors.


  • Highly accurate grammar and punctuation checks, catching more errors than built-in word processors.
  • Readability reports and writing style improvements help enhance content quality and engage the intended audience effectively.
  • The plagiarism checker ensures originality and aids in academic writing and verifying work by freelancers.


  • The Premium version’s pricing might be expensive for budget-conscious users.
  • Some features, such as the plagiarism checker, are not available in the free version.
  • Lack of support for languages other than English.

Final Thoughts:

For writers, bloggers, content marketers, and small business owners who regularly produce written content, Grammarly Premium is an excellent investment.

Its advanced grammar checking, readability reports, and writing style improvements significantly enhance the quality of writing. However, the pricing might concern those on a tight budget.

In my experience, Grammarly Premium is worth the cost, considering the time saved and the valuable insights it provides. If you need more clarification about committing to the Premium version, you can start with the free version to get a taste of its capabilities.

Once you decide to upgrade, the Premium version’s additional features, including the plagiarism checker and GrammarlyGo, make it a valuable tool for any writer or content creator.

If you want to try out Grammarly Premium, you can use our exclusive 20% discount by clicking here. Try it and see how it can elevate your writing and editing process.

Try Grammarly Here


In this review, we explored the best AI tools for cold outreach. These robust solutions offer automation, personalized messaging, intelligent analytics, and conversational AI to streamline and enhance outreach efforts.

Whether you’re a sales professional, marketer, or business owner, leveraging AI for cold outreach can give you a competitive edge and drive success in your campaigns. Embrace the future of outreach with AI and unlock the full potential of your business endeavors.

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