” A creative mind has the spirit of a warrior,

conquering new territory to expand their horizons…

willing to explore, experience, engage both life and the mind.

Breathe colour, think magic – see ART! “
Creative Warrior HQ Mission Statement written by Amanda Maresch.


I’ve always had creative influences in my life and get inspired by many different things. I hope to include as much on this page as I can to motivate others to create. Create anything, in any form, and discipline, any style. Take inspiration from everything around you. We live in a visual world that is always showing you new things if you only open your eyes enough to let it all melt in with your imagination 🙂


Creative Warrior HQ was inspired by Enchantedmind.com:

Creative mind has the spirit of a warrior. The warrior throughout history has embodied the qualities of clear intent, fearlessness, determination, and a willingness to conquer new territory. A warrior goes into battle with the purpose of conquering the enemy.

To embody the qualities of the creative warrior you simply need to adopt the following attitudes:

Be clear in your intent to design a work of art or resolve a problem. Know exactly what it is that you want to accomplish.
Be resolved to see the solution through to the end. Time is not a factor, nor are any roadblocks.
Have the courage to venture into the unknown, even if you don’t understand where you’re going or why this new path will lead you to your goal.
These are three simple attitudes that will allow you to accomplish anything you desire. Consistent creativity depends upon them. If developed as commonplace modes of thought, you will acquire the character traits and produce the works that genius realizes.

© J.L. Read, 1997. All Rights Reserved.