Christine Maresch

This page is dedicated to my mother who had a traumatic life and an equally traumatic death.

You can read her autobiography online via Amazon Kindle – just click here to purchase.

I am in the process of working through my father’s autobiography which will also be released in 2024.

Dear Mum… my life with you was always full of adventure and surprises at every turn from the moment I was born to your very last days. You taught me how to be a great mum, to always be strong and to always express my creative side and for this I thank you. Despite incredible challenges and hardship in your life you lived everyday a free and vibrant soul who never cared what anyone thought and showed your strength to the world. Now you rest in peace, free and wild as the wind, as you were in life.
RIP 1958 – 2023

The article below was published on June 1st, 2023, with the help of Ben Langford from the Illawarra Mercury. We will update this page with more information as the investigation into her death and the failures of the NDIS care system progresses.

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