• Custom QR codes are designed for use as product stickers, bumper stickers, or where ever they are needed! They can link to a website or your social media or even straight to an ordering page for your business.
    After purchase, I will email you to discuss the layout and will require a high-resolution copy of your logo before proceeding with the design.
    Size: 3000 x 3000 px
    Format: High-quality PNG and PDF files in digital format ready to be taken to a printer of your choice.
    *Please note this is a digital product and not a printed product. 
    *Please allow up to a week for your product to be delivered to you as each one is a custom design

  • Hashtag Strategy Package


    This package includes a set of hashtags across all 3 categories of engagement – Low, Medium, and High Competition that are personally sourced and researched to be specific to your business or niche.

    INCLUDES BONUS CONTENT:  Our Instagram Ebooks with tips and tricks on how to work with hashtags and the dreaded Instagram Algorithm in our hashtag strategy guide.
    ·         A giant list of Call to Action taglines that you can use to generate responses on your posts.
    ·         A checklist to make sure you are using all the features available on your Instagram account.
    ·         A PDF of over 60 content topics to help with writer’s block!

    Read the detailed description below to learn how to use your hashtag sets.  Upon purchase, we will email you personally for your Instagram account name to start researching your new hashtags and email you the bonus content.  

  • Sale!

    Social Media Content Calendar

    Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $20.00.

    Did you know yesterday was National Chocolate Day??? No? OMG you could have posted something awesome on your social media if you’d known and taken advantage of some super cool hashtags!! If you feel like you are always missing out on cool or weird days of the year that will help you with some original promotions then you might be keen on my Social Media Content Calendar… It’s more than a calendar tho… it is a living breathing calendar… Not a downloadable PDF that you forget about. This is a custom made Google shared calendar that you can integrate onto your phone or outlook so it’s right there in front of you… prompting you to write original content everyday… not buried in an email or folder somewhere. It’s great for content ideas in the quieter months or as a boost to your profile during holiday periods. Read more below on exactly what you get in our package which includes a full list of the ebooks and strategy guides!

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